Injury Update – Lawrie and Cabrera

In case you’ve been wondering the status of either Brett Lawrie’s rehab or Melky Cabrera’s wonky knee, I’d thought I’d give you a brief update.

Brett Lawrie – After playing 6 games low-A, Lawrie has now joined the organization’s double-A team.  The Jays are intent of giving Lawrie as much time as he needs to get his timing down at the plate after rushing him off the DL in April.  In low-A, Lawrie went 0 – 6 with 2 walks.  The 23-year-old 3B was batting .209 with a .268 obp in 37 games before spraining his ankle.  It’s reported the Jays are not asking Lawrie to make any mechanical adjustments to his “moving-parts” swing.  Why they aren’t taking the opportunity to do this now is beyond me.

Melky Cabrera – It’s no surprise that even though Cabrera will be eligible to come off the DL two games prior to the allstar break that the team will likely use the break as a few extra days off before having Cabrera return to the club.  The LF did some running this week and has been constantly taking batting practice.  All signs point to Cabrera joining the team immediately following the allstar break.





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