All Good Things….

Well, it’s over.  The 11-game win streak came to an end last night.  And now the Blue Jays are back in the AL East race.

We probably should have saw it coming last night – the Jays are awful at Tropicana Field and Esmil Rogers had an ERA below 2.00 in 4 starts.  Something had to give.

Let’s see if we can still win the series….




  1. Powder Blue

    Only 3 bad pitches. And they showed a little life at the end of the game. Tonight feels like the perfect night to start another streak.

    • IHRTBJs

      There were several bad pitches from Rogers last night. He couldn’t throw his 2-seamer for strikes and was forced to go to a flat 4-seamer when he fell behind in the count. Hopefully he regains command of his 2-seamer. That pitch sets up everything else for him and without it, he is a mop up guy at best.

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