Blue Jays Trade Casper Wells for Cash

There has been much talked about in the media over the past week or so regarding the Blue Jays hyperactivity on the waiver wire.  Some are suggesting that a rule change needs to take place where a team should have to hold a waiver claim on the 40-man roster for a minimum number of days to discourage teams like the Jays from picking up players and then trying to sneak them through waivers to provide minor league depth.

In the instance of Casper Wells, he was on the Jays roster for five days, didn’t get into a game, and then was traded to the Athletics for cash considerations.  So in a way, the Jays picked up Wells for nothing and got something for him.

Wells is capable of playing all three outfield positions and has posted a strong .264 avg, .349 obp, .489 slg batting line versus left-handed pitching in his career.

Unless the rules change, I have no problem with what GM Alex Anthopoulos is doing with the waiver wire.  He is using the system to add minor league depth and constantly searching for the best 40 players he can find for the roster.  Absolutely nothing wrong with that.




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