Dickey Looks Sharp… but so is the pain in his back

R.A. Dickey has gotten better and better his last couple times out.  And now his experiencing back pain.

The Blue Jays say that they don’t expect Dickey to miss his next start and I sincerely hope he doesn’t.  But I’m beginning to not trust the Jays when it comes to the length of time they expect a player to be out.

First when Brett Lawrie went down during an exhibition game leading up to the world baseball classic, the Jays were optimistic that he would be ready in time to break camp with the team.  Lawrie has only played in 4 games and was rushed through a shortened rehab assignment due to the injury to Jose Reyes and needing another infielder.

Then Jose Bautista went down with a mild ankle injury.  He was expected to be fine enough to play the next day…then the next…then the next.  He missed three games with the ankle came back for a handful and then missed 4 games due to back spasms – when he wasn’t expected to miss more than a single game.

The problem is when Bautista is playing, he hasn’t been 100% so he has DHed.  But by DHing him, it forces Adam Lind out of the line up – right when it looked like Lind was seeing the ball really well.

Don’t get me wrong – I bench Lind over an 75% Bautista any day of the week, but it takes another bat – and a power lefty bat – out of the line up.

Now Dickey is hurt.  He felt the back and neck tightening two starts ago against the Royals and then had it reoccur this week vs. the White Sox.  But don’t worry; he won’t miss anytime (wink, wink).



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