Blue Jays Lose Reyes to Ankle Injury

In the words of manager John Gibbons, losing Jose Reyes “is a nightmare”.  Despite an 8-4 victory over the red hot Royals last evening, the mood among the Blue Jays clubhouse was somber to say the least after losing the teams spark plug, Jose Reyes, indefinitely with what appeared to be a serious ankle injury.

After a 2 rbi single that put the Jays up 8-4, Reyes successfully stole second – making him 5 for 5 in stolen base attempts this season – but also slid awkwardly feet first and severely rolled his left ankle inwardly.  The early reports is that there is no fracture but the ankle is severely sprained – Reyes will have an MRI today to see the extent of the damage.  Alex Anthopoulos estimates the Jays shortstop will miss anywhere from 1 – 3 months.

Having chronic ankle issues myself – I’ve been in multiple casts and on crutches several times – I suspect we will be lucky to see Reyes back for the Canada Day series vs. the Tigers.

Reyes says he heard a pop – in my experience that is most likely tendons popping off the bone.  The body is resilient and these will reattach themselves, but for the first 7 – 10 days he won’t be able to walk hardly at all.  The swelling with be massive and if he has his foot down (he needs to keep it elevated) he will feel a very painful throbbing in his ankle.  Then he start putting some weight on the foot – I imagine he’ll do this for a full week.  Then he’ll be able to do some light jogging and maybe start taking batting practice – probably a week.  Then he needs to try running and cutting.  Running a straight line won’t be that bad but his confidence to cut hard on the ankle will be wishy washy and that will take the most time.  Running the bases and fielding are the biggest challenges.  This could be 3 weeks before he gets comfortable.  Then a week at least to get into minor league games.  That puts us at June, so I’m saying early July for a return.  However, we’ll see what the MRI says today.

One thing I know, ankle injuries like this are painful and also reoccurring.  You wonder what this injury does to his defensive range since we have him for 4 more years (and to me it looks like his range is already diminishing – there have been several balls that seem like he could get to but doesn’t already this season).

But he does get on base and get in pitchers heads.  The sooner he is back, the better.  But the Jays need him to be 100% confident on the ankle before bringing him back.

Anthopoulos has said that the team is already discussing trades to provide a backstop for a few months until Reyes is healthy.  I would’ve though Maicer Izturis would have taken the role.  But the Jays don’t want to rush Ryan Goins (triple-A SS) or have Mike McCoy’s bat on the team for an extended period.  Rumours are swirling that John McDonald could be brought back.  While I would welcome back Johnny Mac in a heartbeat…I don’t see it happening.  The price for a back up SS just went up now that every GM in the league knows we want one.  And to give up a player in a trade for one, well, I guess it depends on the player.

Jeremy Jeffress’ deadline to be released, traded, or placed on waivers before heading to the minors is tomorrow.  I wonder if he can be sent somewhere for a 2nd or 3rd string SS.

I wish Reyes a fast and speedy recovery.




  1. sportfan89

    Izturis will hold the fort, but having another guy right now can’t hurt the teams roster looks a bit more thin now with the injuries to Lawrie and Reyes. Hope they can overcome this huger loss.

    • IHRTBJs

      I agree that for the first half of the season, Izturis can hold the fort probably as well as anyone that Jays will pick up outside the organization. But the immediate issues are Izturis is day-to-day with a sore foot (fouled a ball off his foot two games ago and has been seen limping around the clubhouse) and Lawrie could still be a week or two away from joining the big club. With two starting infielders down, the Jays don’t have much depth. Although, I really don’t mind Mike McCoy as purely a bench guy to provide the odd day off to someone if Izturis gets the vast majority of the playing time at SS until Reyes is back. I just wonder who would be available at a reasonable price via trade that is better than Izturis? Nobody is popping into my mind.

  2. houser33

    This is why early injuries are the worst. Its impossible to replace anyone in a trade because theres still 30 teams vying for a World Series. Maybe a guy like Jamey Carrol. The Twins arent going anywhere and would probably welcome a lower-tier prospect. On the bright side, Kawasaki looked pretty damn useful last night and injuries have a way of helping a newly formed teamed gel.

  3. IHRTBJs

    I think they need to suck it up and stick with internal options until July for two reasons – Reyes is projected to be back around the allstar break and the non-waiver trade deadline is July 31st. I’m not sure if Kawasaki is the best 3-month option though. I’d rather have Izturis at SS for the majority of the time, Bonifacio at 2B, Lawrie at 3B, and Bautista in RF.

    My 2 cents…

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