Reliving Game 1 of ’93

Well, I’m back at home after a business trip and this evening I’ve been watching the Blue Jays take on the Phillies in game one of the 1993 World Series.  As I mentioned in a previous post, Sportsnet is replaying the ’93 series with one game per weekend starting last Sunday and finishing up at the end of March.  Since I was away, I PVRed it.

Yes, I’m that much of a diehard.

When I started watching, I honestly couldn’t remember who won game one.  Maybe it’s because I was 10 years old when the game was actually played.  But I do remember the same highlights and it’s amazing how much of this game came back to me as I was watching:

  • Horrible home plate umpire – very inconsistent strike zone
  • Devon White’s three bases on an error when the Phillies LF and CF botched a ball between them
  • Tony Fernandez flat top
  • Johnny O’s one-handed homer
  • Both line ups stacked with three-handle batting averages – including the Jays have gold, silver and bronze for the ’93 regular season in Johnny O, Paul Molitor, and Robbie Alomar
  • And how about Alomar’s defence?  The sinking liner he snagged behind first and the ball up the middle that he dove and blocked to save a run

Once again, thank you Sportnet for replaying ’93.  And bring on 2013 – I’m about to burst.




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