Blue Jays Win First Spring Training Game

Usually someone would be upset if his/her flight is delayed five hours.  But today it worked perfectly for me, as I managed to watch the majority of the first Spring Training game and a Blue Jays win vs. Detroit in Lakeland, FL.

The Jays were able to walk away with a 10 -3 win.  However, parts of the game were downright ugly (which can be expected in the spring).  Yet, it’s apparent the club has it’s work cut out for it.

Three bad plays stood out today: the collision that took Mike McCoy out of the game, the near collision when Maicer Izturis decided to try and track a ball to center field and Anthony Gose didn’t call him off (leading to a dropped ball and error), and the bone-head baserunning of Moises Sierra when he made the last out at third and cost his team a run because Adam Lind hadn’t crossed the plate yet on his way home.  I’m sure John Gibbons was not impressed, even if it is the spring.

Brandon Morrow got the start and everything was up.  He struggled with control – but who cares at this stage.  Nothing to be concerned with.

Brett Lawrie had a couple nice at bats – he worked the count and drew a walk and also ripped a two run single into left field.

Bad comment of the game was from Pat Tabler when he suggested Morrow could be pitching around Miguel Cabrera with first base open.  Really?  In the first inning – Morrow’s only scheduled inning – in the first spring game?  Nobody’s pitching around anyone.  Come on, Tabby.

A couple surprises: Even a diehard like me had forgotten the Jays have picked up Dave Bush and Ramon Ortiz for rotation depth.  The starting pitching options if there is an injury to someone in the rotation are solid.

All in all, it was amazing to see the boys back on the field.  I’ll miss the next few games while in the road for work, but happy my flight was delayed (how often does someone say that?) so I could see the first one.


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  1. IHRTBJs

    Those three batting 3,4,5 is definitely scary. Now factor in the Austin Jackson and Torii Hunter will bat 1 & 2….the Tigers will score a lot of runs if everyone stays healthy.

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