Dickey to Receive Personal Catcher

It’s a move that simply makes sense.  Despite J.P. Arencibia’s enthusiasm to catch knuckleballer R.A. Dickey, it appears manager John Gibbons will go the other way.

Gibbons explained to the media that catching a knuckleballer is a full time job, even if it’s every fifth day.  He also mentioned that Arencibia will need days off and he might as well take them when Dickey’s pitching.

That means opening day catching duties will fall on either Henry Blanco or Josh Thole.  My money is on Blanco – it appears to be his job to lose since Thole has options and can provide minor league depth.  Both catchers have experience catching Dickey.

No doubt Dickey will also feel more comfortable floating the ball to the same catcher every time out.

You have to love JP’s character and willingness, but if he’s in the line up when Dickey’s pitching, it will most likely be as DH (especially if the Jays are facing a tough lefty and want to give Adam Lind a day off).


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