Gibbons Contract the First of its Kind

The details of Blue Jays manager, John Gibbons, contract have been disclosed by Sportnet.  And they are unlike any contract ever handed out to a big league skipper.

The contract includes a rolling option, meaning Gibbons will never face a season as a ‘lame duck’ manager with a single year on his contract.  The contract is a two year deal that locks Gibbons through the 2013 and 2014 seasons with an option for 2015.  However, the deal has a unique feature where the option year automatically rolls over unless Gibbons is fired prior to January 1st of any given year.  In essence, it’s a perpetual two year deal.

I suppose with a team that’s going for it all and hopefully for a few years, GM Alex Anthopoulos doesn’t want the distraction of the manager’s contract in the media or clubhouse.  I find this deal to be innovative, unique, and down right clever.  Now both Anthopoulos and Gibbons can rest easy on contract talks and focus on winning baseball games.

Is there a deal Anthopoulos can’t think of?


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