Blue Jays Lose Dyson on Waiver Claim

It comes as no surprise that the Blue Jays have lost right handed reliever Sam Dyson on a waiver claim.  Today, the Marlins picked Dyson up.

Dyson, 24, only made two appearances in the Majors last season and admittedly let his nerves get the better of him.  He gave up three runs on four hits and two walks while recording only two outs. However, in 33 games in double-A , Dyson recorded a 2.38 ERA and nine saves.

With the bounty of young right handed relievers the Jays have in the system, Dyson was expendable.  I think he’ll have a solid career as a reliever for the next decade or so.  He has quality stuff.

But when you’re a team that’s favoured to win the World Series, you have to cut quality players.  Again, this just shows how much depth the Jays have in the organization.


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