Thank you Sportsnet

Just thought I’d give Rogers Sportsnet a shout out for replaying the ’92 World Series over the holidays.  I still had goosebumps watching those games and had forgotten just how close nearly every game was (with the exception of game 5).

A few comments:

–     Strange how Jack Morris won 20 games that year and was usually untouchable in the playoffs but suffered the only two losses to the Braves.

–     In game 6, Cito sticks with Jimmy Key vs. the pinch hitter Brian Hunter who hit 90 points higher vs. lefties but then goes to Mike Timlin to face Otis Nixon.

–     Watching the starts turned in by both Juan Guzman (game 3) and Key (game 4) were beautiful.

–     The Jays bullpen was rock solid throughout the series and probably the difference maker.

–     Curiously, Devon White had 37 steals in 41 attempts that season but then had only 1 steal in 5 attempts in the entire postseason.

–     The Braves stealing bases at will vs. Pat Borders and the Jays pitchers.

–     Deion Sanders carrying the Braves offence after not starting any of the previous 42 games prior to the World Series.

–     MVP, Pat Borders, hitting everything hard.

–     The triple play that never was.

–     Dave Winfield’s sac bunt in game 4.

–     Ed Sprague’s pinch hit homer (on the first pitch he saw) in game 2.

I’m not sure if Sportsnet replayed the ’92 series for the 20th anniversary, because the Jays have had a huge offseason and there is definitely a buzz, or if there is no NHL and they need to fill a hole (or perhaps all of the above).  I hope they play the ’93 series next year between Christmas and New Years – it made this holiday season magical.




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