Blue Jays Lose Whiteside to Waiver Claim

Recently, the Blue Jays claimed Eli Whiteside off waivers from the Yankees (Yankees claimed him from the Giants a few weeks ago). Whiteside is on the move again. Readers will remember I predicted he would get claimed from the Jays, as it was doubtful the Jays would put him on the 40-man roster.

Whitside, a career .215 hitter with little power shouldn’t be missed.
It was a low risk claim by Alex Anthopoulos that didn’t work out. However, the Jays are still in an enviable position with arguably three major league ready catchers on the 40-man roster: JP Arencibia, John Buck, and youngster Travis d’Arnaud.

My guess is that d’Arnaud sees time at the majors this year,either as a Blue Jay or after a trade near the July deadline.

The question becomes: who do the Jays keep long term? Arencibia or d’Arnaud?



One comment

  1. dfs3

    And the revolving door of triple A / backup catchers continues. Personally, I say give d’Arnaud a chance later in the season. Arencibia is under contol, contract wise, so even if you end up carrying the two for a while until the decision is made, it’s not a loss. Plus, you really don’t want to rush it, and find out later the wrong one got away.

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