Casual Fans of the Blue Jays Getting Excited

Some people are really struggling with no NHL hockey.  For me, I don’t even notice (except for the annoying NHL lockout articles taking up space in my newspaper) because I never watch the NHL.  Say what you will….I just don’t care for the sport.

A close friend of mine who constantly makes fun of me for my passion for the Jays is finally jumping on the wagon.  He used to tease my about how the Yankees are his favourite team (I don’t think they really are, but he does love Jeter).  Once he had me unwrap a Yankees cap for my birthday gift – I gave it back and told him that I would burn it if that was the real present.

But now he’s on board.

I think deep done he’s always had a thing for the Jays (just like he’ll always have a thing for the Buffalo Bills) but it was hard for him to get excited about a team that would struggle to compete in a ridiculously talented division.

Recently, though, he’s attitude has changed regarding baseball (he said it’s awful to watch on TV at times) and we’ve discussed the Jays offseason transactions in depth.  Actually, a conversation with him helped convince me to take the plunge and shell out for season tickets (my 25%, that is).

Here is a recent text message from my buddy: “Baseball can’t start soon enough.  Basketball is gay (I admit the Raptors are really hard to watch.  I caught the opener where they blew it late in the 4th quarter and parts of three other games where it was close one minute and then they were down by 20 the next), there’s no hockey and the Bills are done.  I’m cheering for the Steelers, Packers and Kaepernick.  Oh and (for) the Giants to die. (Our other friend is a die hard NY Giants fan).  Yea, baseball, and its only November.”

Can’t wait for baseball to start and it’s only November?  To him I say, welcome to my world EVERY YEAR.




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