Jays Shuffle 40-man Roster, Add Depth

The Jays have made a variety of minor moves, shuffling players around to make moves on the 40-man roster for 2013.  I won’t go through all the details (as they are pretty minor), but will let you know about two specific moves.

It looks like Mike McCoy’s time with the Jays has come to a close.  He was one of a few players to be designated for assignment.  He can either accept a minor league deal with the Jays or try to find a spot on a big league club via free agency.  If I’m McCoy, I probably sign a minor league deal with another club with less depth than the Jays.  His speed and ability to play six fielding positions makes him a utility fit for weaker NL clubs.

McCoy won’t have much luck cracking the Jays line-up this season, even if a starter goes down with an injury.  In terms of outfield depth, you have to think Anthony Gose will be the first call up in Bautista, Rasmus, Cabrera, or Davis hit the DL.

Then you look at the infield.  And that’s where this new minor league signing impacts McCoy’s potential time with the Jays.  The Jays have signed Cesar Izturis (half brother of Maicer whom they signed to a three-year deal earlier this offseason) to a minor league contract.  Fans will remember that the Jays developed Cesar after signing him in 1996 as an amateur free agent out of Venezuela.  Cesar was thought to be the potential shortstop of the future for a short time before being dealt to the Dodgers for one of the worst Jays deals you might remember – Izturis and Paul Quantrill to the Dodgers for Chad Ricketts and Luke Prokopec.

Cesar won a gold glove at shortstop in 2004 and was named an allstar in 2005, both with the Dodgers.  Last season he split time with the Brewers and Nationals, providing infield depth to both squads.  Like his half brother Maicer, Cesar has the ability to play 2B, SS, or 3B.  Last he hit.241 with a merger obp of .254.  At this stage in his career, he is seen as a defensive role player who can fill in around the infield.  I imagine he would be the first call up if the Jays experience and injury to Lawrie, Reyes, or Bonifacio/Maicer.

Sorry McCoy.  I love your hustle and heart, but this year’s club is a bit too strong.  I sincerely wish you the best and hope you crack a Major League squad somewhere.



One comment

  1. Powder Blue

    What about a new coaching staff? Do we want Walton back? Who’s at first and third? Is it time to call up Sal Fasano for bench coach? At least just to see his ‘stache everyday.

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