Anyone else feeling anxious?

The longer it takes to make this Jays/Marlins deal official, the more anxious I get.  I know it’s probably just the time is takes to sort of small details (it’s been rumoured that the Jays will get anywhere from $4 – 8 million in cash from the Marlins – with Buck’s salary at $6 million this season, it’s like getting him for free).  Also, each player will have to pass a physical.  But I worry about leaked trades and the odds that the deal isn’t as reported by the media.  I also worry about MLB blocking the deal.

Marlins fans have to be upset.  Not to mention Florida tax players who helped fund the new stadium.  Fans and the MLB are not impressed with Loria (owner of the Marlins).  They remember what he did to the Expos.  I can only hope that MLB approves this trade quickly.  It would be awful to have this hanging out there and not get it closed (much worse than the Darvish and Prince Fielder rumours last offseason).




  1. jrice1

    You seem to know a lot about the ins and outs of making blockbuster business deals. If you’re nervous about this, then so am I… I’ve been out of the Jays loop for some years now living abroad. Thanks for your column IHEARTBJs.


    I’m about 95% excited, 5% worried. Selig has been quoted that he is reviewing the trade and feels sorry for Marlins fans. I think when all is said and done, this trade will go through. If Boston can unload payroll to the Dodgers, why can’t Miami do it with Toronto? Also, Miami gets loads of good, young talent. Baseball people should advise Selig that this trade makes the Marlins good at a lower payroll in three years time. But you never know…..I get nervous that Selig will screw the only Canadian team because of all the Marlins fans have been through since becoming a franchise. Let’s keep our fingers crossed!


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